Do Things That Light Up Your World

Everyone can probably create a list of things that they want to do. Whether it’s finally making enough money to support your lifestyle or simply learning something because it looks fun, there’s something out there that lights a fire under your bum. Something that makes you so ready and prepared to learn and show the world what amazing things you can do. Some activities or ideas can automatically add a sparkle to your eye and those are what we should all be focusing on. More passion in this world can equal more success and more progress across the board.

I’ve decided to make a list of the things that I want to do/accomplish to make actually, physically doing these things easier. This list will provide physical, public admittance and motivation to start doing all of them. It will also provide a wonderful starting point to take the next crucial steps to accomplish each one in turn.

What Will Light Up My World:

  1. Learn ASL
  2. Become weirdly knowledgeable about 19th century Europe
  3. Learn how to be a bartender
  4. Run a Spartan Race
  5. Actually become someone that works out on the regular
  6. Learn to knit (DONE)…and then actually use it in life (not fully done)
  7. Create a mug collection
  8. Get good at creating meal schedules for the week and actually executing them in healthy and frugal ways
  9. Become weirdly knowledgeable about all that is Vincent Van Gogh
  10. Be more aware of my spending and my money habits
  11. Figure out how to educate people on the human mind/brain and the sheer power of it all
  12. Read more National Geographic magazines
  13. Become the pie lady (already half way there…I make good ass pies)

That’s all I have for now, but I think it’s plenty to start with. All of these things also come in supplement to what I’m trying to do to further my career so I certainly have a lot to handle.


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