So, there’s a lot happening in the world; from famine to election consequences to a mass extinction of our animal friends. I could talk about a new event each week and never run out of things to talk about, but this blog is going to talk about being larger than ourselves.

What that means exactly…I’m not completely sure. But, this blog is going to encompass the sentiment of thinking about big picture, large scale ideas and conversations. These topics may spur from the current events going on at any given time and they may also come from the depths of my “soul-searching” years (or what others dub as my “soul-searching” years).

All I know is that if everyone encourages themselves to think bigger we could live in a better world. Figuring out more dimensions to the world means more dimensions to your mind and growth is ALWAYS a good thing.


In 13233198_10154178731524467_579158694_nthe spirit of being larger than myself, all you need to know about me is that I’m a young woman who cares very much about the human race and how we survive this thing called life.